Monday, May 2, 2011


Early farming practices were typically a community event. Not everyone could afford the horses and equipment to plow, seed and harvest the fields. Everyone pitched in making farming a truly neighborly way of life. I am a transplanted farm girl. I have found urban life to be isolating despite the fact that I am out and available for a neighborly chat most every day. I always have something to share from my garden and have exhausted my closest friends with offers of plant material. But what if there was a place for the average urban dweller to share with the entire community? A place that would allow you to not only give but to receive. A place to trade knowledge, experience, equipment, harvests and plant material on a local level. Well my friends we are going to give it a try because I am willing to bet that even if you don't consider yourself a gardener, you have something garden related to give! So, email me at with your garden offer. Include a description of your item for offer along with your email address. When responding to an offer, respond directly and by all means let me know when your item is gone.

Happy Gardening!

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