Sunday, July 24, 2011

Are You Sharing in the Bounty?

I hope you are sharing the bounty of your crops! A client of mine did while I was in her yard last week. She even made it sound like I was doing her a favor by taking some cherries from her tree. Indeed I most likely did as I know the feeling of seeing that hard work rot on the tree. So remember, when you have eaten all the zucchini you can stand, or frozen and pitted all the cherries you care to eat, invite your friends over! There really is no reason for it to go to waste and what may currently be a burden to you is most likely a delight to the lucky recipient of your gift! If you have already overwhelmed your friends and neighbors, post something here! I'd be willing to bet you will have gracious takers in no time!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mid Summer Fury

It is now mid summer here at Urban Farmer Exchange! Everyone is furiously trying to keep weeds at bay and water applied. Not a good time to plant and move mature plant material. It is however, still a good time for seed trading! Typically mid July is the time to plant that second harvest of peas so be sure to get that going. I would also like to encourage you to spread the word regarding the blog. It will be no time before it is once again time to cut back, divide and exchange so be sure to pull seasoned gardeners and new into the fray! If you would like to do a guest post here at Urban Farmer Exchange or add something to the calendar, please send me an email.