Garden Coach

I am a renegade urban dweller and mama of one. My hobbies are endless and my time is short but one of my favorite past times is cultivating. By cultivating I mean cultivating relationships, the earth and my spirit. I was born and raised just outside the tiny town of Hudson Colorado. I shared a romping ground of just under 1,000 acres with my brother and sister. I have driven tractors, irrigated fields and raised livestock. Every day I try to bring that knowledge to my half acre lot in Greeley Colorado. Blending the best of urban and farm life has become my every day. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from the University of Northern Colorado and a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture from CU Denver. I try my best to make everyday choices that honor this fabulous planet where we live.

Garden Coach
First, you are probably wondering what is a garden coach? By hiring me as your garden coach, you get access to all of my expertise with out the commitment of paying for a landscape design. I meet you at your site and asses your problems and assets. This works well to help get those who want to do it themselves off the ground with a task that can be very daunting. Consider your relationship with a garden coach like working with a mentor. I have been there and done a lot of it or at the very least know what resources would be of help to you. I can work along side you and teach you how to divide your garden plants or give you ideas on how to better utilize your existing resources. I can work with new gardeners or seasoned gardeners to help with things like maintenance of existing plant material, design ideas or plant suggestions. Try me, I might just be the motivation you need to tackle your next garden project!

Garden Coach: $50.00/hr with in the Greeley area. Contact me for areas outside of Greeley